Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Akane Sakura 桜朱音

Name : Akane Sakura
Japanese Name: 桜朱音(さくらあかね)
Birthday: 1984/6/10
Blood Type: A
Height: 146cm
Body Measurements: B:88cm,W:58cm,H:86cm
Home town: Tokyo
Hobby:Karaoke, baton

As some of you have knew, that Akane Sakura has been retired in April 2006, by releasing her last video called "Bye Bye!!" from Momotaro company. Since then, many fans wondering about her life after the retirement. There's a rumor been spreading out, saying that Akane Sakura is working as secretary in Momotaro, but this news is never able be confirmed.

Yesterday, I read some news in one of my favourite AV review site (Mandarin Language). And I came across the lastest news regarding where has Akane Sakura been all the days after she has retired.

http://www.hilive.tv/news.aspx?idx=313 (reliable source)

Let me translate the whole news into a shorter English version summary since I know how to read it.

After retired from the AV girl job for a while, now it's been confirmed that Akane Sakura is working in the Marketing/Promotion Department of the Momotaro Company. And her current job is to promote the latest AVs which released by the AV girls who are working for her company. She always appear in those AV product release news conference and she always try very hard to promote the product in front of the medias.

And she has admitted that since she retired and she's not an av girl anymore, she thought that no one will look at her anymore. So she keeps eating the food whenever she like and she doesn't maintain her body measure at all. Her weight has increased and she said she's now look like a fat girl.