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Maria Ozawa 小澤マリア

Name: Ozawa Maria (小澤マリア)
Alternate name: Miyabi (みやび)
Birthdate: January 8th, 1986
Birthplace: Hokkaido, Japan
Height: 162cm
Bust: 88cm (E cup)
Waist: 58cm
Hips: 86cm
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Music, guitar, hockey and pets
Special skills: English

Life and career
Like AV idols Tina Yuzuki and Anna Ohura, Maria Ozawa is of mixed-race parentage. Her mother is Japanese and her father is French-Canadian, which gives her a look that has been described as "a perfect balance of Japanese beauty mixed with a dash of exoticism." Since she attended an international school from primary school to high school, she claims that her English reading and writing ability is better than her Japanese. Despite her international background, in interviews Ozawa expresses a preference for Asian sexual and romantic partners. While at school, she played hockey every day, and often went to karaoke after class.Her hobbies include cooking, which she is good at, and watching AVs on her flatscreen television set. She also enjoys playing video games, and owns a pink Nintendo DS Lite, and a pink PlayStation 2 console.

Ozawa had her first sexual experience at the age of 13, and learned the "48 sexual positions" through a book that she bought herself. She first encountered AVs by watching several tapes that belonged to a friend's brother. Unlike most AV actresses, Ozawa was not scouted. Instead, she was introduced to the AV industry through a friend that was working in AVs. Ozawa was interested in the industry, and researched companies until she found B-open, a model agent which she liked. She applied for an interview with the company and was accepted. She started modeling as Miyabi for the site in June 2005, which resulted in several sets of photographs and two hardcore gonzo videos. She was then signed by the S1, an AV company that produces light hardcore pornography, premiering for them as Maria Ozawa on October 7, 2005 with the video New Face. Ozawa remembers that she was so nervous during the filming of her first AV that she could not look the male actor in the face. At S1, Ozawa subsequently appeared in one original video per month until February 2007.

Ozawa's family and friends are against her chosen profession, in spite of her apparent pride in her work. When she brought several of her videos home to show her parents, they refused to watch them and told her to leave.

She has also participated in several S1 compilation videos including the company’s entry in 2006 AV Open, a competition between Japanese pornographic studios that aims deciding which studio can produce the highest selling video. The video that featured Maria Ozawa, among other AV idols Sora Aoi, Yua Aida, Yuma Asami, and Rin Aoki won the first place.

Maria Ozawa and S1 parted ways in early 2007. Along with Rin Suzuka, Reina Matsushima and Rin Aoki, she moved from the safe, but popular S1 to a new startup company, Dasdas (DAS). On April 25, 2007, Dasdas released the first videos of the company, among which is a video featuring Maria Ozawa. Dasdas videos contain scenes of rape, creampie, urolagnia, enema and physical torture, themes not featured in the light hardcore style of her S1 videos.

Besides adult videos, she has appeared in V-Cinema films, a photobook and several glamour ("gravure") videos. She has also appeared on Japanese MTV, and in Yokohama hip hop group DS455's music video for the song "Summer Time in the D.S.C.".

During a 2007 interview, Ozawa reported that her interest in the AV industry remains high, and her video cabinet contains nothing but AVs. She makes a good living from the industry, living in a mansion (a high-class apartment) with a US$ $1,682-per-month rent, and earning a minimum of $8,000 per month. However, while she says that she would quit the industry only if she is forced to do something else, she would try to prevent a friend from beginning work in the AV industry.


Please note that the present listing does not include videos produced for rental AV market.

新人xギリモザ ナンバーワンスタイル (New Face – Number One Style) – ONED-268 – October 7, 2005
美しきパコパコ (Beautiful Pako Pako[8]) – ONED-302 – November 19, 2005
誘惑エロティックFUCK (Temptation Erotic Fuck) – ONED-312 – December 7, 2005
ギリギリモザイク (Barely There Mosaic) – ONED-343 – January 19, 2006
SEX ON THE BEACH~南の島でパコパコ! (Sex on the Beach – Southern Island Pako Pako!) – ONED-364 – February 19, 2006
6つのコスチュームでパコパコ! (6 Costume Pako Pako!) – ONED-384 – March 19, 2006
淫らな肉体 (Lewd Flesh) – ONED-409 – April 19, 2006
学校でセックスしよっ♥ (Let's Do It At School ♥) – ONED-439 – May 19, 2006
Wギリギリモザイク (W Barely There Mosaic) – ONED-450 – June 7, 2006 (collaborated by Manami Amamiya)
無限バコバコ5 (Endless Bako Bako 5) – ONED-485 – July 19, 2006
ハイパーギリギリモザイク (Hyper – Barely There Mosaic) – ONSD-028 – August 7, 2006 (2006 AV Open winner)
ギリギリモザイク6本番 (Barely There Mosaic – 6 Performances) – ONED-515 – August 19, 2006
妄想的特殊浴場 本指名 (The Main Purpose of Special Delusional Bathhouse) – ONED-545 – September 19, 2006
バコバコ乱交16 (Promiscuous Bako Bako 16) – ONED-558 – October 7, 2006
マリアとの共同生活は24時間セックスざんまい! (Share a 24 Hours Full of Sex with Maria!) – ONED-609 – November 19, 2006
イヤラしい痴女5 (Obscene Nymphomaniac 5) – ONED-624 – December 7, 2006
ハイパー×ギリギリモザイク (Hyper X – Barely There Mosaic) – ONED-662 – January 19, 2007
パコパコ航空 CA 小澤マリア (Pako Pako with Civil Aviation Flight Attendant Maria Ozawa) – ONED-686 – February 19, 2007

憧れの美人ハーフ女子アナ中出しレイプ 小澤マリア (Beautiful Eurasian News Anchor Maria Ozawa Desiring Nakadashi[9] Rape) – DASD-002 – April 25, 2007
人気ファッションモデル小澤マリア20連発中出し! (Popular Fashion Model Maria Ozawa Nakadashi Raped for 20 Consecutive Times!) – DASD-005 – May 25, 2007
悶絶アクメ無制限潮吹き 小澤マリア (Maria Ozawa Painful Orgasm Endless Shiofuki[10]) – DASD-010 – June 25, 2007
小便ぶっかけ 美人ハーフ英語女教師小澤マリア20連発中出し! (Urine Bukkake on Beautiful Eurasian English Teacher Maria Ozawa Nakadashi Raped for 20 Consecutive Times!) – DASD-021 – August 25, 2007
100連発で中に出す! (Nakadashi Raped for 100 Consecutive Times!) – Co-starring: Anri Suzuki – DASD-026 – September 25, 2007
アナル奴隷浣腸噴射!小澤マリア (Anal Slave Enema Spray!) – DASD-031 – Oct. 25, 2007
肛門性交生中出し 小澤マリア (Anal Sex Real Nakadashi) – AVGL-017 – Dec.1, 2007

kira☆kira SPECIAL GANGBANG☆3MIX 小澤マリア、松嶋れいな、芹沢直美 – (kira☆kira Special Gangbang☆3Mix Maria Ozawa, Reina Matsushima, Naomi Serizawa) – KISD-003 – July 25, 2007

S1ドリームコレクション スーパーS級アイドル4時間!1 (S1 Dream Collection – Super S-class Idols 4 Hours! 1) – ONSD-039 – October 7, 2006
小澤マリア COLLECTION1 (Maria Ozawa Collection 1) – ONSD-056 – January 7, 2007
S1ドリームコレクション2周年記念スペシャルVer. スーパーS級アイドル8時間! (S1 Dream Collection – 2nd Anniversary Commemoration Special Ver. – Super S Class Idols 8 Hours!) – ONSD-066 – February 19, 2007

キレイナセックス 小澤マリア (Beautiful Sex – Maria Ozawa) – CON004 – May 11, 2006
ネイキッドビーナス 小澤マリア (Naked Venus – Maria Ozawa) – TJCA10005 – July 21, 2006
new NUDE05 小澤マリア (New Nude 05 – Maria Ozawa) – SFN05 – November 23, 2006

メイドの部屋 ~お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様~ (Maid's Room: Return of the Master) – DMSM7128 – April 25, 2007
けっこう仮面 ロワイヤル (Kekkō Kamen Royale) – APS-176 – May 25, 2007
けっこう仮面 プレミアム (Kekkō Kamen Premium) – APS-178 – June 25, 2007

TV Drama
特命係長・只野仁 (Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi) – TV Asahi
2nd special feature (August 7, 2005) as Anita, a sauna girl
3rd season series (January 12 – March 16, 2007) as Anita, a sauna girl (turned stripper in the 31st story, the last episode of the season)

小澤マリア1st.写真集 X・Star(Maria Ozawa's 1st Photobook – X・Star) – May 23, 2006, 彩文館出版 (ISBN 4775601296)