Monday, December 17, 2007

Yoko Kumada 熊田曜子

Name: Kumada Yoko (熊田曜子)
Nicknames: Kumayo (くまよう), Yokochan (ようこちゃん), Kumachan (くまちゃん)
Birthday: May 13, 1982
Birth Place: Gifu, Japan
Blood Type: O
Height: 164cm
Bust: 92cm
Waist: 56cm
Hips: 84cm
Shoe size: 24.0cm
Hobbies: Karaoke, do-it-yourself projects
Abilities: Unicycling, piano, bookkeeping, blind touch
Favorite food: Chocolate
Agency: artist house PYRAMID

Yoko originally applied to be a contestant of Miss Magazine in her third year of high school but had to drop out due to her mother's strong disapproval. Yoko went on to nursing school after her graduation, but also entered a talent agency's audition in order to pursue her dream of being part of the entertainment world. She was only able to do this because her mother was travelling abroad at the time and her flight
home was delayed due to bad weather. Yoko was able to fulfill her dream of being part of the entertainment world after passing the audition.

On January 27th, 2006, the magazine Friday reported Yoko to have snuck out of Okamura Tadashi's place in the morning after being there overnight. The rumors ran wild, but Yoko and Tadashi kept to their stories that nothing had happened between them. Because of this insistence though, people only believe moreso that the two did have a relationship. Tadashi says he simply invited Yoko over for a casserole.

- Yoko was chosen as a goodwill ambassador of Japan to Indonesia and Bali on January 6th, 2005 for a TV special.
- Yoko is highly skilled as a unicyclist. When she was a child, she had an appearance on a television show as the "Unicycle Girl".
- She is close friends with Yasuda Misako, of the same agency. She is also part of the agency's Pyramid with Misako and Natsukawa Jun.
- Because Yoko loves her hometown of Gifu so much, she is always advertising it on various programs.