Friday, January 18, 2008

Yumi Sugimoto 杉本有美

Name: 杉本 有美
Origin: 大阪府
Born: 1989年04月01日
Blood Type: A型
Size: T・166cm / B・82cm W・58cm H・85cm / S・24cm

Besides gravuring, she also started to appear in tv drama, for example the current airing “Boys Esute” (Drama Wiki). Damn, make me want to go watch this drama. Hope to see more stuff from her!

San-Ai swimsuit model Yumi Sugimoto 杉本有美 appeared in numerous magazine covers (Young Sunday, More, JJ, etc) live appearances and fashions shows, several TV shows on TBS and her first DVD called Flowering. She released a follow up DVD called Morning Star.