Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Akira Watase 渡瀬晶

Name: Akira Watase
Japanese Name: 渡瀬晶
Birthday: 1980/07/02
Blood Type: O
Height: 168cm
Body Measurements: B:88cm,W:60cm,H:86cm
Cup size: D cup
HomeTown: Tokyo
Hobby: Volleyball and Movies

Akira Watase was born July 2, 1980 in Tokyo, Japan.. Her AV debut was in the May 2000 Cosmos Plan release, Venus. From her first video appearance, Watase's smile and legs gained particular attention. Throughout her AV career Watase's long and slender legs continued to be singled out for praise in reviews of her videos. Marionette's Honey (July 2000) had Watase in a race queen and cosplay-themed story involving middle-aged perverts and maid costumes. In Be My Dutchwife (August 2000), Watase played the role of a woman having a bad day in which she is sexually assaulted by both a stranger and her doctor.

In contrast to these previous videos which featured sex and lurid drama, Horny Bunny, released in December 2000, simply focused on Watase's body. No.1 from January 2001 focused on the lotion play genre of Japanese pornography. Over the course of her adult film career Watase starred in over 100 releases. Near the end of her career, she appeared in the Moodyz video, Black Semen in L.A. (2002), which was shot in Los Angeles, California. In this video she engaged in group sex with five African-American men. Watase is still considered one of the most popular stars of the genre, however she retired from the industry in mid-2005.

Video title Company Director Release date
debut Cosmos Plan
宇宙企画 Yuji Sakamoto May 28, 2000
July 29, 2000
Killer Kiss
Kissで悩殺 Cosmos Plan Taaki Kurata June 30, 2000
Marionette's Honey
マリオネットの蜜戯 Cosmos Plan Asao Takai July 30, 2000
Be My Dutchwife
ビー マイ ダッチワイフ Tank/KUKI Yuji Osawa August 28, 2000
Queen of Legs
美脚の誘惑 VIP Demo Tanaka September 28, 2000
Body Gorgeous
渡瀬晶 VIP October 19, 2000
Climax XYZ
絶頂XYZ VIP November 23, 2000
Horny Bunny
濡れうさぎ Tank/KUKI KC Takeda December 22, 2000
Comos 2000 FINAL DX
宇宙企画2000 FINAL DX Cosmos Plan December 22, 2000
Gorgeous No.1
ゴージャスNo.1 Kasakura January 5, 2001
No.1 Vinl/KUKI Happy Yamada/Casey Takeda January 22, 2001
Ecstasy Kiss DC
Kissで悩殺DC Cosmos Plan January 27, 2001
Cosmos DX Costume Play Chapter
宇宙企画DX コスプレ編 Cosmos Plan The Morison February 10, 2001
痴性 Kasakura February 18, 2001
Cosmos DX 120 Special 6
宇宙企画DX120スペシャル6 Cosmos Plan February 24, 2001
Bejean11 Vol. 55 Momotaro Masao Tanaka March 7, 2001
Secret Play of a Marionette
マリオネットの密戯 Cosmos Plan March 24, 2001
Knock on the Heaven's Door
天国の扉 Moodyz Imperial Butta Sato February 15, 2001
Soft Skin, Hot Blooded...
柔肌の熱き血潮に… Shark May 1, 2001
COSMOS Deluxe Special 7
宇宙企画DX120スペシャル7 Cosmos Plan May 26, 2001
Tits TANK Angels 9
乳TANKの天使たち 9 KUKI Jango June 16, 2001
Do You Wanna Fuck? Moodyz Imperial Hiroa May 22, 2002
Black Semen in LA: Akira Watase
ブラックザーメン in L.A. Moodyz Wild Shin Sumio July 15, 2002
RQ Circuit Lady Candy August, 2002
VIP Value Pack 2
VIPバリューパック 2 VIP October 11, 2002
Sex Juice 3 Chu September, 2002
Confining Actress Mania 2
女優-拘束マニア2 Maniac World October, 2002
Ura - Akira Watase
裏・渡瀬晶 Million Goro Tameike October 18, 2002
Abnormal Privacy 38
奴隷秘書38 Collect Shinichi Kawamura November 22, 2002
Do The Nice Body Gals
ナイスバディをやっつけろ!! KUKI Sabbath Horinaka November 29, 2002
Kiss & Sex of a Beauty Vol.2
美しい痴女の接吻とセックス 2 Dogma Nimura Hitoshi December 10, 2002
Female Teacher Rape
高慢女教師 Deeps January 10, 2003
痴女 Athena Katsuya Ichihara January 21, 2003
Drunk Woman
痴女酔拳 Moodyz Imperial brain-X January 22, 2003
Crazy Tongue
舌狂 Samm Ryutaro Jinno January 28, 2003
Confinement Chair Trance Dogma February 10, 2003
Confinement Chair Trance
拘束椅子トランス Dogma Tojiro February 10, 2003
Ryubaku SM Bindings and Confinement 5
龍縛監禁凌辱5 Attackers November 8, 2003
Lesbian Deluxe
レズビアン デラックス Dogma Nimura Hitoshi December 10, 2003
Wet & Sex Wanz Factory February 1, 2004
Semen Mania Slut 2
痴女ザーメンマニア2 Milky Cat August, 2004
The Erotic Party
悦楽の扉 SOD [JO]B-TYPE December 4, 2004
Beautiful News Reporter
美しき報道記者 Image Rei Ozaki April 20, 2005
Slave Secretary Special 10
奴隷秘書スペシャル 10 CineMagic Tatsuo Mishima March 18, 2005