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Gillian Chung 鍾欣桐

Gillian Chung is a Hong Kong pop singer and actress. She resides in the affluent Midlevels district in Hong Kong with her younger sister. Chung is a graduate of the Kowloon True Light Middle School and attended RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. While at RMIT, she also worked as a part-time model. She did not finish her studies in RMIT.

In 2001, Chung was approached by Emperor Entertainment Group to form a singing group, Twins, with Charlene Choi, to whom she is not actually related.

Chung made her film debut in U Man which was released in 2002 and has since proven her acting skills in a number of films like Beyond Our Ken which has earned her critical acclaim, being nominated as 'Best Actress' in the Gam Zhi Ging Awards. Outdoing herself in every martial arts sequence, Chung has established herself as the up and coming action star.

In the film Beyond Our Ken released in 2004, Chung played as Chan Wai Ching, a spurned girlfriend of the eponymous Ken. The film managed a box office taking of HK$ 3,886,355 and it has its World Premiere in Tokyo International Film Festival. In Gillian's most recent film, which was in January of 2006, Gillian's '49 Days' exceeded the HK $10 million mark, earning a spot in one of Hong Kong's best box office films for the year 2006.


On August 22, 2006, Hong Kong magazine Easy Finder published a series of photos of Chung inside a changing room after a Twins concert at the Arena of Stars in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. The pictures were taken while she was in the changing room with her personal assistant. One of the cover photos shows Chung's backview as she is fixing her brassiere backstage. A second, smaller cover photo shows an unclad Chung from shoulders down to her bust level.The headline read, "Ah Gil releases brassiere near back window", using Chung's Chinese nickname. Hong Kong celebrities such as Jackie Chan staged a public protest denouncing the magazine's irresponsible actions.

On November 1, 2006, Easy Finder lost its appeal against an obscenity ruling on the published article and pictures . The Hong Kong Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority received 2875 complaints regarding the revealing photos and the incident was referred to the Obscene Articles Tribunal for further action. In the appeal, a panel consisting of one Magistrate and four lay members, upheld the judgement, branding the article obscene, and saying it was a "calculated act of selling sexuality which is corrupting and revolting". During an interview of Jimmy Lai (founder of Next Media, Easy Finder's publisher) on the television show 'Be My Guest', he apologized to Gillian and claimed that he will return all the negatives of the photos. Despite his apologetic actions, Gillian Chung still intends to sue the magazine.

In January 2008, Chung 鍾欣桐 was caught in a highly profiled sex scandal with former rumoured boyfriend, Edison Chen 陳冠希. Many nude pictures of Chung in compromising positions in bed with Chen surfaced and was widely circulated over the Internet. Chung's entertainment company, EEG, denied that the pictures were real and took legal action.

On 31 January 2008, an unemployed 29 year old man was arrested in the New Territories with 12 pictures on his computer. The investigation is still ongoing to find the connection between the suspect and artists but no blackmail was involved. HK Police has also warned that anyone with the pictures not to distribute them as it was in breach of the law.

If you can read Chinese, please follow this link to see the details on this scandal.

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