Saturday, May 10, 2008

JeeJa Yanin

Date of Birh : 31 March 1984
Place of Birth : Dr. Panya General Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
Education : Department of Film and Digital, Kasem Bundit University
Debut : Chocolate 2008
Height : 162 cm
Religion : Buddhism
Hobby/ Interests : Watching movies, reading, listening to music and sleeping
Fave Sports : Thai boxing, Taekwondo (three black belts), Kung Fu
Fave Actors : Nicholas Tse, Jet Li
Fave Actress : Karen Mok
Movie Genres : Romantic Comedy, Action
Fave Movies : Mortal combat, Always : sunset on the third street, Godfather
Motto : Be happy with the things you do.
You can be discourage, but don't give up.

Jeeja born on 31 march 1984. She is the First women of muay Thai on Flim Movie “Chocolate 2008” From the maker of Ong bak, Tom Yum Kung Prachya Pinkaew the next Action Superstar JeeJar - Yanin Witmitanun

Five years training for this specific movie, and her black belt taekwondo could help her a lot in real like fighting scene, Tony ja and Jija, they have the same mentor "Panna Rittikrai", action styles may not be much different.