Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kan Mi Yeon 간미연

Name: Kan Mi Yeon
Birthday - February 2, 1982
School Career - KyungGi University
Family - Lastborn; parents, older brother
Hobbies - Listen to sad songs, Read a collection of poems, snacking
Instrument - Bass Guitar
Color - Purple
What she does well - Playing around in a sweet and lovely way
Favorite foods - Anything edible
Address - Seoul
Height - 170cm (about 5'5"-5'6")
Weight - 47kg (about 103lbs)
Blood type - O
Nickname - "MoGiBap"(Mosquito food), Smurf

Kan Mi Youn (Hangul: 간미연, born February 2, 1982) is a K-pop singer mostly known for her role as the lead singer in the popular girl group Baby V.O.X. On September 15, 2006, she released a solo album entitled Refreshing, choosing a ballad for the lead single; this was done in order to show a different musical side of Kan, as most of her group's songs were dance/pop songs. The single, 옛날여자 (A Woman from the Past), has been moderately successful. As of November 2006, she is still promoting this single. However, the album has not charted since September, when it placed 20th and sold 8,367 copies