Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yuuri Morishita 森下悠里

Name: Yuuri MORISHITA (森下悠里, もりした ゆうり)
Profession: Japanese Gravure Idol, Model
Date of Birth: Jan 30, 1985
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
T160 B90 W55 H90

She started modeling in 2003 and appeared at events for the Tokyo Motor Show, DoCoMo and Toyota. From Sept. 2005, she appeared on TV Tokyo’s (Channel 12) late night Japanese TV program “OUT★PUT”. She’s also appeared on men’s magazines DOPE, HIP@LIP, and Sabra. You can read more about her (in Japanese) and see more photos here.


man unknown said...

I love your blog. Keep up the good work. I've "digg"ed some of your posts.

Buzz said...

Thanks man! Please check back often and let me know what improvement you would like to see.