Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reimi Tachibana 橘麗美

Born: June 16, 1986
Professional: Gravure Idol/Model

Reimi Tachibana 橘麗美 is a pretty, new, 22 year old gravure idol from Kagoshima prefecture. She participated in and was one the winners of the 2008 Seikore Ladies Grand Prix competition 全国女子高生制服コレクション and also was chosen as one of the 2008 Nitteligenic models 日テレジェニック 2008. In addition, Reimi was chosen as winner of Miss Flash 2008 ミスFLASH2008 by readers of the magazine.

Reimi released her first DVD in August this year with Reimi followed by October’s Nitteligenic 2008 Reimi Tachibana. She also has one photo book Reimi which came out in September. Besides modelling, Reimi is also a vocalist for Jpop group Nabia ナビア (with Yohei Matsuzaki).

If you’re thinking, Reimi’s pretty cute and you want to have a cute Japanese girlfriend like her, watch out - Reimi is a judo expert!